My Fall Bucket List

I’ve always loved Fall. It makes me so sad that its super short in Chicago. It feels like we have it for 2 days and then the dreary yet, sometimes beautiful Winter sets in. I’ve never made a Fall bucket list. I don’t know if I’ve ever made any kind of bucket list before. It seems like the time to do it now more than ever. Whatever brings you joy, I say.

So I this is a list of ideas that are traditional and a little out of the box. I don’t enjoy a lot of the traditional Fall tasks, for example: carving pumpkins. I have literally no desire to do that. Why? I don’t know. Never was my scene. Seems like a lot of energy. Baking pumpkin bread though? That sounds great. Okay, okay now I’m just giving it away.

1.Read a really good thriller
I read thriller & mystery novels all year round, but I really want to make a night of reading or listening to a really spooky tale. I’m talking red wine, a blanket, out on my porch kind of reading. I’m currently reading “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn. I’m hoping that will spook me enough. I have a date with the book and a glass of wine this weekend.

2. Classic horror movie marathon
I must have been the weird kid growing up because I used to watch horror movies….by myself….in my room starting at like…the age of 10. I remember watching all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. The funny thing is, I’m way more of a wimp now about scary movies, but when I was a kid – all about it. I want to re-create those weird kid memories and have a weekend where I watch the classics. I’m thinking Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Rosemary’s Baby and of course…Nightmare on Elm Street.

3. Bake pumpkin bread
Listen, if you think I’m going to make home-made bread you are sadly mistaken. I love pumpkin and I love bread, but the boxed kind works great for me. I’ll eat it with some steamed milk and live my best life.

4. Dish out my favorite Halloween candy
I never let myself have candy in the house. Watching my girlish figure and all that nonsense. I’ve decided that’s nonsense. I’m going to eat my mini milky ways in my cute little owl candy jar and I’m going to LIKE IT.

5. Go apple picking
This is the one thing on my list I am not quite sure I’ll be able to accomplish. The reasons are two fold. I don’t have a car and I’m not sure what will be open for me to go to. I assume since apple picking is outdoors it will be fine but this is the one bucket list item I have accepted may go south. I just want to pick an apple off a tree and wear flannel while I do it, is that so much to ask???

6. Bake homemade apple pie
If I’m able to execute my brilliant apple picking plan I will use said apples to bake a homemade apple pie. If I can’t pick apples from a tree, I will pick them from my Trader Joes and live my best life. I’m way less judgy about homemade apple pie than I am about homemade bread….I won’t be making the pie crust myself. I can’t wait to eat some apple pie though….with some vanilla ice cream…and whipped cream….a cherry?….oooo cherry pie too…ok I’m done.

7. Run a marathon…
This one seems like I’m cheating BUT I am supposed to run my marathon while in the heart of Fall. October 18th. I think it warrants a spot on this list. I want to get it done. I’m really excited and really nervous but I’m glad I’m doing it during my very favorite season.

8. Spend time with family
I plan to do this virtually for the most part. Luckily we have some family in St. Louis so we’ll be able to pop down there for Thanksgiving. I want to make a habit out of calling my parents and brothers more. It’s the easiest thing to forget, but the most important thing in our lives. So, my bucket list item is to form a habit out of connecting with my family.

9. Buy some really nice fashionista boots
Sure, I have bought many a clothes in my lifetime, but I must say that I have been very good about my shoe collection. I never buy myself shoes. I guess never is a strong word. Once a year, maybe twice, do I actually purchase shoes and it’s always cheap. I’ve always wanted a really nice pair of high legged boots. You know, the kind Lorelai Gilmore wears. Those kind of boots. I want to save up and buy myself a great pair of quality boots and match them with a knee length skirt and tights. Picture TBD.

10. Run a 100 mile week
Okay this seems kind of crazy after running a marathon but hear me out. Right now I run anywhere between 25-50 miles a week. I’m hoping to run a 100 mile week some time in December. Do I think it’s crazy? Yes. Do I think YOLO? Also, yes. I don’t know how to explain it. It just sounds fun. This is the last thing I plan to do.

I wanted my Fall bucket list to be one part traditional and one part different from the norm. It’s brought me a little joy to even write it out so – I hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration. Don’t take Fall for granted. We only get it for a few months, and if you live in Chicago… you get it for 5 minutes. Clocks ticking.

Self care, self flare.




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