Owning Your Creative Career

A few years ago a friend said to me “I’d never pass up on an opportunity to perform.” At the time I thought – “Oh crap. I’ve definitely passed up opportunities to perform. I’ve even DONE shows I wish I’d turned down. What does this mean about my commitment?!” Years later I realized – oh,Continue reading “Owning Your Creative Career”

Thick Skin – The Grossest thing I’ve ever heard.

First of all, “thick skin” makes me think of “foreskin” and who in their right mind wants to ever think about foreskin? I digress in the first sentence… I used to love the term “thick skin.” It made me feel like if I had it, I was a superhero. I was tough and professional. StrongContinue reading “Thick Skin – The Grossest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I Worked at a Talent Agency for a Year…Here’s what I learned

Okay – this one is for all of you actors, artists, creatives – whatever. I try to make my blog posts catered to every one but, eh, maybe others will find it interesting. I’m not going to say the name of the agency. Honestly, it’s not relevant. Anything I have to say has nothing toContinue reading “I Worked at a Talent Agency for a Year…Here’s what I learned”

Fame, Loss and what I wore

Here’s the scoop:   No, you probably haven’t seen me in anything.   No, I don’t audition every week, sometimes not every month.   And no, I’m not going to remember you when I’m famous.   Because,   News flash,   I’m not going to be famous.      I mean, I can’t predict theContinue reading “Fame, Loss and what I wore”

Saying NO…(but I’ve been conditioned to say yes, and..)

Creatives (definitely actors) are often told to take what they can get. It’s a tough world out there. Opportunities are few and far between. If you don’t say yes, you’re at risk of working at Walmart for the rest of your life, or worse – not being considered a “real” artist. Oh whoa is me.Continue reading “Saying NO…(but I’ve been conditioned to say yes, and..)”