Sensational Spring Salad Recipe

I know, I know. We’re still in April. Not quite Summer yet. However, it is warming up a bit and while we have some time indoors, we should take advantage of new recipes! I’m really picky when it comes to salad…if you are as well, feel free to mix this up! Whatever add on’s feelContinue reading “Sensational Spring Salad Recipe”

Top 10 Podcasts….for when you’re stuck inside.

Okay I listen to podcasts no matter what. Inside or outside. Upside down. Whatever. Some of us, however, only listen to podcasts when they’re out and about. I’m assuming many of you are probably busting through your regular podcasts. If that’s the case, here’s a list of 10 to help keep you occupied while you’reContinue reading “Top 10 Podcasts….for when you’re stuck inside.”

Book Suggestions! for when you're stuck inside….

If you’re anything like me, being told to stay indoors is not exactly the worst news in the world. I’m quite the home body. It’s become more and more of a regularity for me the older I get. I love a good Friday night in. (Wine and cats babay!) For some people though, this isContinue reading “Book Suggestions! for when you're stuck inside….”

Homemade Pad Thai (Easiest Recipe Evvvva)

Look, I love Thai food. I’m pretty basic though. #LongIslandSon. So, I am guilty of my usual order being the one and only…Pad Thai…usually with Chicken. You don’t need meat for this dish to make it delicious a f***. Add some extra veggies and crunchy peanut toppings and you are good to go, sista. WithoutContinue reading “Homemade Pad Thai (Easiest Recipe Evvvva)”

Find Joy in the Little Things

Stress is……hell. Seems pretty ridiculous for my life to be so stressful. I’m young, living in a great city, eating well, employed and have a great partner. Life should be breezy AF. In a lot of ways it is. I think everyone has that one thing (or three or eight) that really stresses them out.Continue reading “Find Joy in the Little Things”